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Bandits Rob Another City Business Establishment

Robbers have ravaged another business in the central commercial district of Castries.
Over 40 thousand dollars’ worth of products were stolen at a popular gaming arcade on Victoria Street, Castries early Friday morning.

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  1. Hey man people can not rejoice this, it`s a business what you need to do is ensure your place has CCTV cameras, a perfect alarm system
    anyway this is just so bad went man try to do something and all you get all this idiots coming around to steal your goods,
    Man you can rebuild if you have insurance, and you will rebuild

  2. Very sad indeed. The thieves are desperate they will kill for what is not theirs,the bums do not like to work but love easy money, ,jewelry, entertainment, clothing etc. Get up from you all pathetic lazy ass and hold a job,the business people work hard for what is theirs and you all gangsters want it for free. I hope the next time someone catch you all A..holes in the act and put a couple caps in you all ass and leave you all for Rambally to pick up.no persecution for the owner he/she was standing their ground.

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