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Babonneau Secondary School RBC Young Leaders

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Babonneau Secondary School RBC Young Leaders selected their new executive last week Thursday.

Last year the club participated for the first time in the RBC Young Leaders’ Competition and was able to secure the second place title. Their project was entitled, “Suicide, Not an Option. Hold my Hands I care”.

This year the Young Leaders want an early start as they endeavour to capture the first place title. The theme for this year’s RBC project is, ‘I am WE: Leading Change in our Community’. The Babonneau Secondary School have decided to go full steam ahead with their own take on the theme. Their 2018 project is entitled, “Don’t trash it! Recycle it” They will undertake a number of projects within the Babonneau community that will encourage persons to recycle.

Some of their projects include:

* Setting up recycling bins within the community

* Using used material to decorate the community and schools

* Using used material to make new products

* A grand exhibition showing new products made from used material

* Teach householders how they can save by using used material instead of disposing them
Teach residents the benefits of recycling

* Conduct arts and craft classes for primary and secondary school students showing them how to make creative products using “trash items.”

The Babonneau Secondary School RBC Young Leaders believe that their project will not only inspire other young people to contribute to their community but will create a buzz and a positive impact whereby the level of wastage and pollution within the community will decrease while at the same time bringing out the creativity of residents and students.

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