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Babonneau Constituency Council,gov’t conduct vector workshop

[Press release]  The Ministry of Health is strengthening manpower within communities in an attempt to combat the spread of vector borne diseases.

Vector borne diseases remain an issue of concern to health authorities especially with the onset of the hurricane season which officially started on June 01st.

On Tuesday May 29th, the Environmental Health Department joined forces with members of the Babonneau Constituency Council in a Three- day training workshop geared towards identifying means and ways of curbing the spread of vector borne diseases.

Environmental Health Officer Charletta Charles, gave the details of that workshop.

“The rainy season is quickly coming up on us and the Ministry normally records an increase in the vector borne diseases in this period. This current workshop is an opportunity to train council workers and also we plan on doing this training in terms of community members as well. So it’s not going to be a reactive, we’re not going to be passive but we are going to be actively trying to put together control measures to ensure that the increases that we normally see in vector borne diseases don’t happen by the end of 2018”.

Charles added that the Babonneau Constituency Council won’t be the last and her department will enroll other councils in this venture. Meanwhile, Clerk at the Babonneau Constituency Council Natakie Denis said, their sixteen –member council is committed to reciprocating what they have learnt.

“The workshop really today well for the 3 days is really to sensitize staff especially the sanitation workers about vector management, vector control, identifying the places that are high risk and see how we can cooperate that into our daily work, our daily plan and how we can help the community, well control the spread of vector borne diseases.”

“Many would know that Babonneau is a very large constituency, it’s considered to be a forest area, lots of fruit trees, and a lot of rivers so you find we provide the right environment for the breading of vectors”.

The Environmental Health Department is encouraging citizens to play their part in and around their homes to help eradicate vector –related problems.

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