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April 13th 2016 Epoll With Rehani Isidore

Today in the HTS E-Poll Rehani asks, Was it a good decision to rename the BCG after Darren Sammy?
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  1. As the president of a local radio control club yes it has to be regulated and our club has already put in place our own guidelines for its members. Our guide lines are very strict and conform and exceed what is required by other governing bodies within the region. I have tried to have an audience with the local authorities but to no avail.
    Spying is the least of the concerns, this is triggered by movies, hearsay and the media. What concerns our club is the safe operation of where it is safe to fly. Do not fly over people/crowds, over houses, roadways, private properties, close proximity to people,
    Before you fly get help from experienced operators and learn your equipment backwards and forwards before taking flight.
    There are other inherent dangers of charging, usage and storeage of the batteries. It is a potential fire hazard and this should not be overlooked with these multicopters. One has to be trained/ taught how to be safe in this area and get the best use of the batteries.
    I will also note these are erroneously called drones and they are not. That classification is for the military. For civilian recreational use they are MULTICOPTERS or unmanned flying vehicles.
    Not all multicopters carry cameras, that is an option.

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