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Ambassaor Huntley Constitutional Lecture

Former Saint Lucia diplomat, Ambassador Earl Huntley on Wednesday delivered a lecture on constitutional reform in Saint Lucia.
The exercise was conducted in collaboration with the UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia and the national television network (NTN).
Ambassador Huntley’s lecture was entitled “constitutional reform in Saint Lucia – bridging the divides in the debate”.
It was based on a paper of the same name written by ambassador Huntley, which was motivated by the 2015 parliamentary debate on the report of the constitutional reform commission, established in 2004 to recommend a new constitution for Saint Lucia.

Ambassador Huntley argued that the Saint Lucia parliament’s consideration of the report revealed three differing streams in the debate on constitutional reform, namely – the desires of the people, the commission’s reflections on those views and its consequential recommendation for constitutional change and the response of the parliamentarians to the commission’s recommendations.

The lecture also presented a model of a new constitution that attempts to marry those streams by building on elements of all three.
The model focuses on the structure of government-the composition, election and role of the executive and legislative branches, as well as that of local government.

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