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OPM “Surprised” at Walcott House Closure

Administrative Attache to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Nancy Charles told News4orce on June 2nd that the Office of the Prime Minister is “surprised’ at the closure of Walcott House. Attache Charles explained the Saint Lucia National Trust [SLNT] who is responsible for the Walcott House project, was not forthcoming with …

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Archbishop Rivas Denies Apology

Contrary to reports of a purported apology from Archbishop Robert Rivas to the Allen Chastanet Administration over the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to government’s socio-economic polices, HTS News4orce has obtained a different account. On June 1st, the Head of the local Roman Catholic Church in a News4orce exclusive stated that …

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Gov’t Cuts Force Walcott House Closure

Press Release:-The Saint Lucia National Trust wishes to announce the closure of Walcott House as of today, May 31st and until such further notice. This decision has regrettably been taken due to a number of funding cuts resulting in the Trust no longer being able to fund the operations of …

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DSH Redraws Southern Causeway

Chairman of Desert Star Holdings Ltd, Teo Ah Khing on May 10th unveiled a different version of proposed plans for the construction of a man-made causeway off the south east coast near Vieux-Fort. The previous ‘Southern Causeway’ initially presented by DSH, linked the mainland to the protected Maria Islands. The …

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