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758 Naturals to host St. Lucia’s “biggest” natural hair conference this weekend

758 Naturals Founder Liz-Anne De Beauville and Co Founder Sydel Charles

(PRESS RELEASE) – 758 Naturals is hosting St. Lucia’s biggest Natural Hair conference and here’s why you need to be there.

Too often as a people we have deemed others as beautiful, intelligent, professional, and capable, but forget completely about ourselves.

In a statement, 758 Naturals Founder Liz-Anne De Beauville expressed that this mentality needs to change. She also added, “It’s time to embrace the beauty of who we are, starting with our hair. Why do we continue to cling to what the world tells us is beautiful? Why don’t we take pride in what God has blessed us with?”

“From locs, naturally straight hair, curls, coils and beards, (yes guys, we got you!) every individual will find their place at the Your Hair Is Good Hair conference, where their beauty will not only embraced, but celebrated.”

And what better way to do it, than with St. Lucia’s very own Chadel Mathurin. A health and beauty enthusiast, Chadel has taken YouTube and Instagram by storm with informative natural hair tutorials and of course, some secrets to maintaining her hair.

Ms De Beauville also spoke on their regional speaker Nelly B out of Trinidad.

“The Caribbean region has a solid base of Naturals, so it was only ‘natural’ that we reached out to one of the experts on the field to add her signature touch on what we’re hoping to achieve here,” Liz- Anne noted.

With the responsibility of over 20,000 Caribbean naturals on Facebook, Nelly B. has travelled throughout the region sharing her experiences as a plus sized natural hair lover. She also brings with her a wealth of experience as a web and social media officer.

From its get go on October 6th 2015 on WhatsApp, 758 Naturals has kept the natural hair scene buzzing with photo shoots (featuring a variety of hair types, with the backdrop of some of the island’s most picturesque locations), meet and greets, giveaways, public interviews, donation drives, and more. It didn’t take long before the business moved over to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It boasts over 700 group members on Facebook, and has over 1500 hits on Instagram.

In August 2017, 758 Naturals took it upon themselves to mark that month as Type 4 appreciation month. The response was great on the local scene as naturals island wide sent in their photos to be featured.

The Event: Happening on November 4th 2017 from 2- 6pm at Bay Gardens Inn, we encourage everyone (including transitioners) to come out to meet others like yourself who are just oozing with tips, experiences, and questions; some of which we’re sure you’d be able to relate to.

Also, what is arguably the best treat of them all; the opportunity to meet with some of our very own local business owners who make products with the best natural ingredients for your hair.All of this, coupled with giveaways, the opportunity to network and a positive atmosphere promises to be a great overall experience.

For more information, message us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages @758Naturals.

Guest speaker: Nelly B. Type 3, 4 Natural

Crystal Monchery- Type 3 Natural

Guest speaker: Chadel Mathurin- Type 4 Natural

Brittany Henry-Type 4 Natural

Jada Joseph – Type 4 Natural at this year’s 50th anniversary of the St. Lucian Flag (photoshoot).

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