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October 26th 2011
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-PM talks economy
Story by Sant Justin


The economy was the focus Tuesday night of the first in a series of weekly national addresses by the Prime Minister called “at your service” Laced with political overtones and partisan language the national statement by Prime Minister Stephenson King refuted criticism by the main opposition Saint Lucia Labor Party of his administration’s handling of the national economy.


Citing figures from the Department of Statistics and financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank, Prime Minister King, claims the UWP has done a better job of growing the economy during its five years at the helm of government than the former SLP administration did in almost a decade in office.

The Prime Minister claims that despite natural disasters and the worst of times around the world under the UWP administration Saint Lucia has become the largest economy in the OECS. He also claims his government was able to stave off massive job losses and keep the island’s financial house in order amid a global recession.

The televised address by the Prime Minister which was aired on all local television stations was not broadcast on the National Television Network. Staff at the GIS were said to have issues with the content of the address, content Government Press Secretary Darnley Lebourne admitted would place them in “disrepute” if they were to have aired it. SLP Babonneau candidate Alvina Reynolds also had issues with the tone and content of the address she says was delivered more from a party than government perspective.

The Prime Minister also reiterated the record 4.4% economic growth in 2010 as proof of the government’s prudent economic policies.

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  Electoral office notice
Story by Carmy Joseph

Chief elections office Carson Raggie says the supplementary lists of electors for new registrations and change of names and addresses for the second half of 2011 will be posted from today Wednesday October 26th at the various registration centres and public buildings. This is to enable all electors to scrutinize the lists to make claims for the inclusion of any name omitted from the lists and to raise objections to the


inclusion of any name which should have been excluded. The claims and objections are to be submitted on forms 7, 12, 13 and 10 respectively to the registration office of the particular electoral district or to the chief elections officer between November 1st to November 12, 2011 during office hours from Monday to Friday and also Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9am to 12pm. These forms are obtainable at the electoral office on high street in Castries, the sub office at Vieux-Fort and sub post offices and police stations island-wide.

  -Police post mortem
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

Police are continuing their investigation into the death of 13-year-old, Kensley Hunte of Kennedy highway, Laborie, who was found dead at about 8:25pm, on Friday 14th October in a wooden structure adjacent to his house. It was reported that his 24-year-old brother found him with a rope wrapped around his neck and the other end fastened to a nail attached to the upper part of the partition.


A post mortem was later performed and the result revealed death by cerebral anoxia, due to ligature hanging.
A magistrate has since ordered an inquest into the death of the 13 year old student who attended the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School Campus A.

  -Water project launched
Story by Desmonf Collymore

A ground-breaking regional water project has been established here in Saint Lucia in a bid to address concerns water conservation efforts. The initiative funded by the Caribbean development bank focuses on the improvement of rain water harvesting and recycling.

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  -SLP creative industries policy
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

Vieux-Fort North MP Moses Jn Baptiste says the SLP is committed to the rejuvenation and celebration of Saint Lucia’s cultural heritage and the development of a vibrant national creative industry. Among the plans unveiled on Wednesday was a National Center for the performing arts, the retro fitting of Human Resource Centers to serve as Community Creative Arts Centers, and a National Museum and Gallery.


Jn Baptiste says a SLP government will also establish a Heritage Investment Program to support the overall development of arts and heritage organizations. Jn Baptiste says another important aspect of the Labor party’s Creative Industries policy is the establishment of a broad based committee to recommend to Cabinet names of schools, public buildings, bridges and other public infrastructure.

These will be named after Saint Lucians who have made significant contributions in their respective fields.
SLP candidate for Choiseul, Lorne Theophilus spoke of unleashing the potential of the island’s creative industries by pursuing legislative support, giving financial assistance and institutional development.

The SLP says it will provide credit facilities to artists and allocate at least 1% of the cost of all new government buildings to the acquisition of local artwork for display in the buildings and increased support for music programs in schools. According to the party during its first year in office it will also ensure programs of study in arts and culture are placed on the priority list for manpower training.

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  -Firemen meeting
Story by Sant Justin

Members of the St. Lucia Fire Service met at the National Insurance Corporation on Wednesday- where they were briefed by NIC staff on their sickness benefits. The idea to host the briefing session was that of the Fire Service Association- who also expressed concern about the changes made to the 2003 Pension Act.
Association Secretary- Shane Felix says the meeting is the first in a series. Felix says the


association is currently in talks with the Government of St. Lucia over issues such as retirement and changes to the Pensions Act. NIC Event Manager - Relle Hippolyte says although the corporation was closed for business- they were happy to provide assistance to the association. Hippolyte says the NIC hosts regular presentations to organizations.
Wednesday’s presentation was held at the NIC Conference room.

  -FRC on Jounen kweyol
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

In 2010 Jounen Kweyol activities were forcibly cancelled due to the passage of Hurricane Tomas.
This year Executive Director of the Folk Research Center, Dr Kentry Jn Pierre, encourages Saint Lucians to come out and celebrate the return of Jounen Kweyol activities. The month long Creole heritage observance will culminate over the weekend with a music festival and the traditional community celebrations.


Communities around the island will host the popular Jounen Kweyol activities. Jn Pierre has appealed to the public to come out in large numbers to celebrate the richness of Saint Lucia’s Kweyol heritage.

Jn Pierre says sponsorship for Jounen Kweyol is not easy to come by. He says private sector support for the event could be significantly better. Addressing questions of the FRC strategy to attract sponsorship, Jn Pierre says since the FRC has no expertise in that area it is more than happy to accept advice and guidance on that front. Jounen Kweyol was first officially celebrated in St. Lucia in 1986.

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  -Ms Jennes pageant
Story by Sant Justin

The Folk Research Center held its inaugural Miss Jennes Kweyol pageant at the National Cultural Center on Monday 24th October. Representatives from eight secondary school students around the island participated in the event that was won by Yavana David of the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School. The show had several segments including talent and Creole fashion. Its objective was to get more young people involved in preserving and celebrating


Creole culture while also building self-esteem and confidence. The Miss Jennes Pageant was part of activities in celebration of October as Creole Heritage Month.   The 2011 Miss Jennes Kweyol Yavana David had this advice for students who may wish to participate in similar pageants. This year’s Jounen Kweyol activities will be held in several communities around the island including Laborie, Dennery, Desruisseaux and Fond Assau.

  -Spelling bee
Story by Sant Justin

The St. Lucia Spelling Bee Competition is hosted annually by Haliborange, the Rotaract Club of St. Lucia and the Ministry of Education. The National finals for the 2011 competition was held Wednesday at the Marigot Secondary School. Rotaract Club of St. Lucia President – Tzarmallah Haynes says the competition is part of the clubs continued effort at finding ways to develop communities. Eight spellers were selected from the


first phase of competition held in individual districts.Seven Seas Portfolio Manager- Randy Martial expressed satisfaction at the evolving competition. He says the regional Spelling Bee which Saint Lucia is part of - began with three countries- and is now held in four more. Martial says there is also noticeable interest in the activity. But although the Seven Seas Brand is expressing satisfaction with the corporate sector’s interest- the Curriculum Specialist for English is calling for more support from the general public.

Kayla Smith of Blanchard Combined won the competition. In second place was Dalliah Combie of the Banse La Grace Primary School- and Desire Desir of the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary was third. The first place winner will represent St. Lucia in St. Kitts at the regional finals to be held on November 12th.

  -CFL cancer appeal
Story by Sarah Peter

Super J IGA will hold its fourth consecutive Yoplait Breast Cancer Walk this year. The initiative is part of the company’s Breast Cancer awareness Campaign. The annual walk is expected to take place on Sunday October 6th from Mega J to Pigeon Island. The initiative is one of the largest fund-raising efforts for cancer in St. Lucia and is designed to bring awareness to and raise funds for Breast Cancer causes on the island. 


Hunts Tomato products is one of the gold sponsors for the event.CFL Marketing Manager - Sancha Raggie James – has appealed to the general public to purchase Hunts products in benefit of the cause. Tuesday, Super J IGA provided some lucky customers with samples of products from the Hunts line. The company makes a variety of products including ketchup, pizza sauce and tomato paste.

Since 2008, over EC $60,000 has been raised and donated directly to the NCF who oversees the breast cancer fund.   This year, Super J IGA has included a high number of private sector involvement in the walk through financial sponsorship and company employee volunteerism. The Yoplait brand has engaged in the fight against Breast Cancer internationally for the past 13 years. While a cure is the ultimate victory, every dollar raised from the CFL food campaigns and walk means more resources to bring hope to those who are affected by the disease.

  -Ashanti celebrates birthday
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

He is a three-time Calypso Monarch and former Road March king. Herman Hippolyte better known as the Ashanti celebrated his fifty fourth birthday on Wednesday. After years of contributing to the Calypso art form the veteran says music and performing are very much part of him. On his birthday – Ashanti reflected on the passing of another Calyspo stalwart, the late Jeff “Pelay” Elva. He says the deceased was an inspiration to him.


Ashanti has had a long and well documented struggle with addiction. The much loved performer says he continues to battle his demons hoping to one day to rise above his troubles. Ashanti is scheduled to be in studio recording new music for the festive season as well as a few tracks for political parties as part of their campaigns.

Members of the Folk Research Center extended birthday greetings and best wishes to the Saint Lucian performer, the Malaway King whose unmistakable sound and delivery made him one of the greatest singers and performers Saint Lucia has ever birthed inspiring new generation artistes like Ricky T and Alpha.

  -Duboulay anniversary plans
Story by Andrew Mondesir

At the mature age of 40 Duboulay’s Bottling Company is not looking to slow down any time soon. In fact the company is not only going to make their 40th anniversary next year a big celebration, they are rapidly developing new strategies to keep ahead of the beverage market. Troy Defreitas is the company’s Marketing & Development Manager – literally the chief cook and bottle washer.


Defreitas says the company is transforming into a modern business entity to meet future challenges. Along with responding to customer demands Duboulay’s is also taking a proactive approach to offering products that service special market segments, including energy drinks.

He says the public is aware of the wide selection of beverages available internationally and are looking for these same choices locally. Duboulay’s has also introduced improved, sugar-free beverage choices to keep pace with the rapidly growing healthy life-style market.  Duboulay’s Bottling Company will mark its 40th year in business on March 1st, 2012.


  PM talks economy
  Electoral office notice
  Police post mortem
  Water project launched
  SLP creative industries policy
  Firemen meeting
  FRC on Jounen kweyol
  Ms Jennes pageant
  Spelling bee
  CFL cancer appeal
  Ashanti celebrates birthday
  Du boulay anniversary plans

Less than half of the Saint Lucian population voted in the last general election. Saint Lucia is on trend as declining percentages have in recent times been voting in governments from the US to Europe. Voter apathy, dissatisfaction with candidates and parties are just two of the reasons given for voters not turning out on Election Day.
In Saint Lucia there is also the issue of not being able to access needed records from the Civil Status Registry although one can vote using a driver’s license or passport. With five parties hoping to entice the electorate to the polls and a vast array of candidates from new to politically seasoned

Will you be voting in the next general election?

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