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November 18th 2011
Last Updated Friday, November 18, 2011 8:15 PM

  -52 are nominated
Story by Carmy Joseph

52 candidates were nominated to contest the upcoming general elections on November 28th. The two main political parties – SLP and UWP – nominated 17 candidates each. Lucian People’s Movement followed with 6 – the National Development Movement has 5 – Lucian Greens Movement 3 and there are 3 Independents. This election has the highest number of registered females in Saint Lucia’s history.


The main opposition SLP has four female candidate, the ruling UWP 2, there is one Independent and one each from NDM, LPM and Lucian Greens. Chief Elections Officer Carson Raggie says while Thursday’s nomination process went smoothly – he has received one letter of complaint from the NDM. The Party says its Castries East candidate Elisha Payne was told he arrived too late to get nominated.

NDM says similar occurred with its Castries Central candidate Mitchell George. Political Leader Ausbert D’Auvergne says he has written to the Electoral Commission and will respond on the matter following a response from the body. He has also questioned what he says were inconsistencies in the nomination process and beliefs poor judgment was used to keep his candidates off the ballot. Raggie meanwhile – says his office is looking ahead to Election Day.

Polls will open on Election Day until 6PM. The Chief Elections Officer says that does not mean if a voter is on the line after the allotted time – they will not be allowed to vote. Saint Lucians will go to the polls on November 28th – over 150,000 people are registered to vote.

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  -Police kill robber
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

Police officers who were responding to an alleged robbery at Bonne Terre on Thursday night shot and killed one of the alleged perpetrators. Three suspects were found on the scene in what was identified by police as a robbery in progress.

Police Press Relations Officer Corporal Trevor Constantine says 36 year old Roland Alexander a.k.a “Gold fingers”, was shot after attempting to flee the scene.


Corporal Constantine says the normal investigative procedure for police homicides will be followed in this case. A post mortem has been scheduled to be performed on the cortege of Roland Alexander. Meanwhile police investigations to determine the identity of the other two alleged robbers on Thursday night continue.

  -Bousquet speaks health
Story by Sarah Peter

Choiseul MP and UWP candidate Rufus Bouquet is speaking publicly about his health for the first time. Questions have surrounded the Minister’s health with some claiming he was too sick to contest the upcoming elections on November 28th. Last month the Prime Minister acknowledged while Bousquet has a health issue it was not one that kept him from his duties as a candidate and Minister.


Bousquet too is adamant his health is not an issue in the upcoming political contest. Thursday the MP was officially nominated as the UWP candidate for Choiseul.   The Minister added mortality should be a concern for everyone irrespective of health status. Bousquet admits that while he has to work on his health – if there was a serious issue he would be the first to inform his constituents.

Soufriere MP Harold Dalson – who also faced questions over his health – said all candidates should be made to disclose their health status when seeking elective office.

  -More money for nomination
Story by Sarah Peter
  The $250 deposit required to nominate a candidate in an election trivializes the process. So says SLP Soufriere candidate Harold Dalson. Seeking re-election – Dalson believes the amount of money spent to make a candidate official should be increased to dissuade people who are not genuine away from the electoral process. While five parties have registered to contest the general elections on November 28th – only the two

main ones have fielded a full slate of candidates. Dalson worries the process as it stands is open to possible ridicule – as characterized by the Staff Party a few years ago. However, UWP candidate for Soufriere, Allen Chastanet disagrees. Chastanet believes the decision to change the amount of money being spent by a candidate to be officially nominated, should be left to scholars or a committee established for that purpose.  

Lucian Peoples Movement candidate Melanius Alphonse agrees. He says such a decision should be left to constitutional reformists.   Harold Dalson points out that throughout the OECS thousands of dollars have to be deposited for a candidate’s nomination. He cites St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where he says candidates have to pay ten thousand dollars to contest elections.  

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  -Political code of conduct
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

Peter Fevrier – attaché to the inter FAITH committee says Church must play a leading role in the development of society. It is for this reason the inter-FAITH committee came together to produce the Political Code of Conduct. The aim of the Code is to establish guidelines for election campaigning ensuring the process is conducted with integrity and respect. Fevrier says Saint Lucia needs leaders who are honest and hold steadfast to values and ethics.


Fevrier and the FAITH committee want all political leaders to sign the Joint Agreement and Declaration on Political Conduct. The document he says seeks to establish standards and a code of conduct for exhibiting good leadership and a positive example. Fevrier admits however - the document has not been well ventilated among the various political leaders.

The Political Code of Conduct advocates an Election free of violence, intimidation, confrontation, vandalism and offensive public utterances. Fevrier says the inter-FAITH committee will act as the watchdog for this election and is committed to accepting and documenting complaints and concerns from the public regarding breaches of the Code of Conduct.

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  -UWP to launch manifesto
Story by Winston Springer

History in the making! That’s how Prime Minister Stephenson King describes the launch of the ruling United Workers Party’s manifesto scheduled for this Sunday. The UWP will unveil its vision and policy for the governance of the country at the official launch of its Gros Islet candidate Lenard Spider Montoute.
In an HTS exclusive Prime Minister King equated the presentation of the policy document to a binding agreement with the people of the country.

  He is calling on the electorate to attend the launch at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds in large numbers. The Prime Minister who is the Castries North MP formalized his candidacy on nomination day as the ruling United Workers continues its bid for another term in office. He completed the process at the returning office in the Castries Comprehensive School where he expressed the utmost respect for the other candidates in the race.

The leader of the United Workers Party paid homage to the founders of the Party the late former Prime Minister Sir John Compton and ex-chairman Henry Giraudy. He says the two men were instrumental in shaping and molding his early career in politics in the 1980’s. The Castries North candidate says he has emulated the qualities and strategies of his mentors and has worked hard to deliver quality representation to all the residents of Castries North regardless of political persuasion.

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  -SLP launches manifesto
Story by Winston Springer

The opposition Saint Lucia Labor Party launched its manifesto at a national rally on the Castries Market steps Thursday night. The party described its policies for the country if elected to office as the blueprint for growth.
Job creation and economic development are the main pillars of the Labor Party’s campaign. The opposition outlined its plans to encourage investment and stimulate the business sector by restructuring the island’s economy.


SLP Leader Dr. Kenny Anthony vows a labor government will expedite the reconstruction of the island’s infrastructure damaged by the passage of Hurricane Tomas in 2010. However he admits the next government will need to build consensus to tackle the complex issues confronting the country.

The opposition also proposes to strengthen the police force, modernize the education system, deliver comprehensive healthcare and introduce appropriate social support services to help struggling families. The SLP says it for weeks it has rolled out idea after idea to put the country back on the right track; the manifesto consolidates all these policy plans into one accessible document. The manifesto is available from all SLP constituency offices and on the website

  -Women’s manifesto
Story by Sant Justin

The caribbean association for feminine research and action (CAFRA) has released a woman’s manifesto. CAFRA representative - Flavia Cherry says the manifesto was produced over eight months – a period which included research, meetings with focus groups and general meetings with women. Cherry says a number of meetings were held to gather information on issues thought to be important to St. Lucian women. She says the


manifesto has been distributed to a number of the parties participating in the upcoming general elections. Cherry says the manifesto touches on several issues that affect women. It also discusses ways these can be addressed. Cherry says although general elections are only days away- the manifesto was released at an opportune time. CAFRA is hoping to get a positive response from the vying parties as well as a sense of how they stand on the issues as highlighted in the manifesto.

  -Dennery south nomination
Story by Sant Justin
  Representatives from three political parties will contest the Dennery South constituency. They are UWP candidate Edmund Estephane – SLP candidate Albert Fregis and LPM candidate Rufus Alexander.
Alexander says he will continue on the campaign trail focusing on this and upcoming elections. Edmund Estephane walked to the nomination centre accompanied by a number of supporters. He was ahead of his nomination

papers – delivered by the hands of his supporters. Following his nomination - SLP Candidate Albert Fregis made it clear the hard work had just begun. Dennery South is currently represented by the United Workers Party.

  -Dennery north nomination
Story by Sant Justin
  One candidate from each of the five registered parties will contest the Dennery North seat. All five candidates were successfully nominated on Thursday- including new comer and political leader of the Lucian Greens Party - Andre Decaires. Decaires says he had a tough morning following a misunderstanding of the process.
And because he recognizes the probability of winning at this point is slim – he is focusing on the next election campaign.

Andy Daniel who replaced the incumbent Marcus Nicholas on the United Workers Party ticket expressed enthusiasm over the nomination process. Daniel also vowed to remain diligent on the campaign trail leading up to the November 28th election.

The other candidates vying for the coveted seat are SLP candidate Sean Edwards, NDM Candidate Political Leader Ausbert D’Auvergne and LPM Candidate Winifred Actie. Anse-la-Raye is the only other candidate with five registered candidates; the incumbent and UWP candidate Dr Keith Mondesir will face SLP candidate Dr Desmond Long, NDM candidate Alfred Alcide and two Independents including his brother Leslie Mondesir.
The remaining candidate is Independent Kensley Peter Charlemagne.

  -Mangal on roads
Story by Sant Justin
  The SLP Candidate for Castries South East has resorted to the media to air his views about terrible road conditions in the constituency. The road seen here is in the Morne Area and is supposed to be under the supervision of the incumbent and Minister of Communication and Works- Guy Joseph. Timothy Mangal says residents have spoken and written to the minister before- and was eventually promised a solution that has not emerged.

Mangal says the deplorable road is one of many in the constituency. Mangal says a pool of water on the Bexon field is also in need of attention. He says the pool is located near a school- and is a health issue.
Mangal says the minister is in the best position to ensure the roads in his constituency are in traversable condition. The SLP candidate and the incumbent UWP candidate are the only candidates nominated to contest the Castries South East seat.

  -Sandals guests return
Story by Sarah Peter
  The Sandals Grande held its annual Reunion Week activity where returning guests were invited to experience the beauty and mystique of St. Lucia. The initiative is also held so the company can show its appreciation to loyal customers. Organizers also believe the project is a wonderful opportunity to encourage more visitors to the island. General Manager of Sandals Grande, Winston Anderson was extremely pleased with the response.

He says over three hundred customers returned to the resort. After a wildly successful Reunion Week in April 2011, Sandals gave customers another chance from November 7-11 2011 to embrace the beauty of the island. The event was part of activities in celebration of Sandals Resorts’ 30th Anniversary.


  52 are nominated
  Police kill robber
  Bousquet speaks health
  More money for nomination
  Political code of conduct
  UWP to launch manifesto
  SLP launches manifesto
  Women’s manifesto
  Dennery south nomination
  Dennery north nomination
  Mangal on roads
  Sandals guests return

A candidate must pay a deposit of $250 during the nomination process for any election. That deposit is returned if the candidate secures one eighth of all the votes cast in the constituency where he registered. A record 52 candidates have registered to contest the upcoming general elections. The list includes a record number of women and representation from Independents, new and emerging parties. Only the two main political parties fielded candidates for each of the 17 constituencies. But how much impact will Independents and new parties have during this election – and should the process be financially accessible to all in spite of the improbability of them winning a seat?

Should candidates pay more to be nominated for elections in Saint Lucia?

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