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  Power soca controversy addressed
Story by Carmy Joseph

Just as reported by HTS News on Thursday – no soca artistes were disqualified during the power soca monarch preliminaries on Wednesday. In fact – during a press conference on Friday – the Chairman of the Carnival Stakeholder Committee apologized for viral messages – several of whom were used as the basis for news stories on other stations. John Joseph says the delay in releasing the list of finalists for the Power Soca finals had to do with issues relating


to the performances of three artistes namely Ricky T, Superman HD and Sir Lancelot.The meeting held on Thursday was between members of the Committee, the artistes – their management, tent personnel and the Police. Acting Superintendent Operations – Milton Desir – says during the session – he made it clear the Police would uphold the law regardless of its effect on artistes or patrons. And although he couldn’t site the exact law that could be broken – he did speak of actions he considered warranted police intervention.

During the annual Mas Action Line Jam – a soca artiste was arrested and subsequently charged for using obscenities while on the music truck. The reaction of that artiste is similar to that of Superman HD, Ricky T and Sir Lancelot. All three question why their performance only became an issue during Wednesday’s show – especially when they had been performing the same set during the entire Carnival.

Nineteen finalists have been selected for the Power Soca Monarch to compete against reigning Monarch HP.
They are Ricky T, Ambi, Damaze, Alpha, Orion, Pepper, G I Joe, TJ, Superman HD, Sir Lancelot, Illahman, Sedale, Platinum George, Crocadile, Private Six, Mysterio, Mongstar, Zionomi and Mantius. The power soca finals will be held on Saturday July 16th at the BCG.


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  Impact of decision
Story by Carmy Joseph

Now that the Police and the Carnival Stakeholder Committee have cautioned patrons heading to the Power Soca Finals that they need to enjoy themselves but do so responsibly – will that dampen the spirit of the activity?
Committee Chairman – John Joseph doesn’t believe it should. He says whatever rules will be put in place will be to the benefit of all concerned. Further – a Code of Conduct will be instituted for the Power Soca Finals while work on a more concrete document continues.


The three soca artistes at the centre of this controversy publicly came out to advise their supporters to have fun but to do so in a responsible manner. Superman HD went even further and explained there is a fine line between the literal interpretation of lyrics and enjoying a show.

Ricky T is the reigning Caribbean Soca Monarch – a three time Power Soca Monarch and four time Road March winner. Superman HD has consistently been in the winner’s circle for every soca final he has competed in since he entered the soca arena. These two and Sir Lancelot were among the top performers at the soca monarch preliminaries that was topped by Ricky T with his “Mad Ting.”

  -Smoking Joe charged
Story by Sant Justin

A man accused of assaulting a traffic officer made his first court appearance on Friday. Gregory “Smoking Joe” Joseph was charged on Thursday with resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and obstruction in relation to the alleged altercation with a police man. The CDC resident is accused of destroying a parking ticket affixed to an automobile owned by Housing Minister Richard Frederick and assaulting the traffic officer who issued the charge.


The alleged incident reportedly took place on Friday July 1st on Jeremie Street in Castries. Police Press Relations Officer Corporal Trevor Constantine reports the alleged perpetrator has been granted bail. The Gregory “Smoking Joe” Joseph assault matter has been adjourned to August 12th when the accused is scheduled to make his next court appearance. The arrest and subsequent release of Joseph with out charge by the Deputy Police commissioner sparked outcry from the Police Welfare Association which demanded the individual be re-arrested and prosecuted for the offense. Housing Minister Richard Frederick and the Opposition St. Lucia Labor Party have called on Acting Police Commissioner Vernon Francois to launch an “unbiased and thorough” investigation into the matter.

  -Discussions to legalize marijuana
Story by Sarah Peter

Prime Minister Stephenson King recently met with the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari.
Topping the agenda was the decriminalization of marijuana. Chairman of the Iyanola Council – Aaron Alexander - described the discussions as frank, cordial and fruitful despite both parties having different views on the matter.
Among the outcomes of the meeting was the decision to launch a national debate on the issue. The discussions would be aimed at educating the public on marijuana


while also allowing for debate on the possible decriminalization of the drug. Alexander also believes people arrested for small quantities of marijuana should be released. He added that such a move would help to put an ease on the over-populated Bordelais Correction Facility. He further echoed the sentiments of Former Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen King who argued sending an otherwise law abiding citizen to jail for the use of the drug has the potential for devastating side effects.

The Rastafari Council for the Advancement of Rastafari says it is dedicated to continue discussions on the issue.
The information gathered from the discussions, the organization says, will be used to assist the government to chart the way forward on the issue of decriminalization. 

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  -FICS milestone
Story by Winston Springer

After only two months as a licensed broker on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange Financial Investment and Consultancy Services Limited (FICS) has been awarded lead broker for the Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank. The financial firm has also been given a mandate to raise 49.56 million dollars in three year bonds. Managing Director, Sharmaine Francois says the company far exceeded its target with the transaction over subscribed by over 30 million dollars.


 Francois says FICS has been offering the St. Lucian public a variety of cost saving credit and high interest saving facilities for the past eighteen years. Now the financial advisory firm is licensed to offer brokerage services for customers to buy and sell company shares, Treasury Notes, Treasure Bills, corporate and government bonds.

FICS has also recently been granted lead broker for the government of Grenada. It has a mandate to raise a targeted 20 million dollars in capital through the issuance of treasure bills.

  -Undertaker’s appeal
Story by Sarah Peter

Former Soca artiste Horace “Undertaker” Polimis has been diagnosed with Cancer and needs urgent medical attention beyond the shores of Saint Lucia... The man who was one of the first to pioneer the marketing of local up tempo party calypso songs with a music video treatment has embarked on a fundraising drive. However Polimis says he is not looking for a hand out. Instead he hopes to use the proceeds of the sale of a children’s book he authored which is entitled “Rat Island” to meet the cost of his


treatment which is thousands of dollars. This is the latest personal challenge for the former entertainer who lost his eye sight a few years ago. Despite his many personal challenges Polimus is confident he can overcome the odds and beat cancer. He says the cancer was discovered over a year after he underwent kidney surgery.

The children’s story book “Rat Island” costs 20 dollars. People who are interested in purchasing the book can call 4607106, 7125435 or 4536962 Copies of the book can also be donated to local schools. “Rat Island” is available at the St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association and Lynsay’s Jewelers at the M&C plaza in Castries.

  -Junior Rotaract club
Story by Winston Springer

The Rotaract Club of St. Lucia and its new executive have launched a renewed effort to rejuvenate its community service projects. Members of the youth and community outreach arm of the social group the Rotary Club held an important meeting and handing over ceremony symbolizing the change of the guard. President of the Rotaract Club of St. Lucia, Tzmallah Haynes says the group has a long list of projects including the refurbishment of a classroom at the Dunnator School which includes a mentorship


program for special needs students. Haynes says the organization also intends to expand its humanitarian causes and community activism.    There are also plans to forge strong ties with clubs around the world starting with a twinning project with an organization in Africa. The Rotaract Club of St. Lucia holds weekly meetings on Thursday at the Castries Central Library from 6:30PM. Rotaract South meets every Tuesday from 6PM at the Laborie boys Primary school. The theme for the Rotaract Clubs list of activities for the period 2011-2012 is “Re-Think, Re-Build, Re-New.”

  -Junior line jam
Story by Sant Justin

The third annual tribute to sponsors parade for junior bands will be held this coming Saturday at the William Peter Boulevard. Headed by the Just Us Kids Carnival Band - it is scheduled to begin at 2 and end at 4:30PM. Band Leader, Barry George says the activity gives junior revelers a chance to jump up for two days instead just one during the Junior Carnival parade. It is also aimed at parents who cannot afford to put their children in a traditional junior band.


For Saturday’s activity - Just Us Kids partnered with the Solid Waste Management in an attempt to promote keeping the city clean while parading the streets. Participating revelers will assemble at the William Peter Boulevard near Churches Chicken for the parade that will start in the boulevard and end at the Vigie Sports Complex Car Park.

This year an estimated 400 kids are expected to participate in the parade. Other interested revelers could register at the Ave Maria School on Saturday morning. Sponsors for the event include, Digicel, Blue Waters, and Farmers Choice.

  -SJC carnival
Story by Sarah Peter

The St. Joseph Convent on Friday held its Annual Carnival Costume Showcase. The event encouraged students to make costumes using recycled material. Four classrooms portrayed different themes including El Dorado and Egyptian Fever. However one class decided to take a different approach and portrayed the varying personalities in their classroom. Theater Arts teacher, Daniel Du-Bois says the initiative encourages creativity and hard work in students.


The project also deepens appreciation for the carnival art form. Participant – DeJa Wilkinson - praised the showcase and says she learnt a lot from the experience. The Carnival Costume Showcase started two years ago.

  -Super J contestant
Story by Carmy Joseph

Two days before she will take to the stage alongside six other contestants – Ms Super J IGA Consuelo Dupal paid a visit to her sponsor. Marketing Manager Sancha Raggie-James says the courtesy call included a tour of the Super J supermarket located in Sunny Acres. James says the company is very pleased to continue its sponsorship of the National Carnival Queen Pageant and by extension Saint Lucia Carnival.


Consuelo Dupal was very humbled by the longstanding tradition between Super J IGA and the pageant.
She was also impressed with the day to day operation of the supermarket and business. The National Carnival Queen pageant will be held this coming Saturday at the National Cultural Centre from 8PM. Along with touring the various CFL departments that including accounts and category management - Ms Super J IGA also met the company’s Deputy Marketing Manager – Martin Dorville.

  Power soca controversy addressed
  Impact of decision
  Smoking Joe charged
  Discussions to legalize marijuana
  FICS milestone
  Undertaker’s appeal
  Junior Rotaract club
  Junior line jam
  SJC carnival
  Super J contestant

The Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari and the Prime Minister have agreed to hold discussions on the possible decriminalization of marijuana. The national body for Rastafarians says these discussions will be two-fold – including the education of the public on marijuana.
The Chairman of the Council has also called for an end to the detention of people caught with a small quantity of marijuana. But is it safe to legalize marijuana – long described as a gateway drug to other more hardened substances like cocaine and crack. The drug is also technically considered a hallucinogen – capable of altering perceptions and causing memory problems.

Do you think marijuana should be de-criminalized?

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