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Do you think the local Catholic Church’s decision to withdraw a priest from Ministry, coupled with the Pope’s recent condemnation of the Church’s complicity in hiding abuse will do best for the Catholic Church?

I don't know
I don't care

Thursday, July 31, 2014 10:48 AM -last updated
St. Lucians urged to be wary of weather system

Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony is urging Saint Lucians to monitor closely an approaching weather system.
The advice has been echoed by the island’s Director of Met Services, as his office keeps a close eye on an area of low pressure associated with a tropical wave.

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Trouble at Tet Paul trail

The Tete Paul Nature Trail at Chateau Belair Soufriere has been reopened with a new name and under new management. It is now the Tete Paul Scenic Trail and its re-opening has created a scandal in the scenic Soufriere community. Former employees are crying foul and now, the present Manager and the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation are engaged in a war of words and locked in a legal battle over the property...

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Union issues ultimatum to Vieux Fort Town Council

The Vieux Fort General and Dock Workers Union says there is an ongoing attempt to rail-road council workers in the south. The union is trying to fore-stall a decision by the Vieux Fort Mayor to reduce over-time pay and hire new staff. They say the move which will significantly affect council workers, has not been discussed with the union, but is being imposed. The union says that in the face of the...

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Isaac awaits action on GNT

The Civil Service Association says it will be going into negotiations with the Government Negotiating Team with a clear mandate – to negotiate better working conditions and salaries for public servants. The CSA says regardless of the responsibility which government has sought to throw on the shoulders of public servants and their unions, their mandate is clear. Mary Isaac says government...

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- King, one year later
- Building capacity in Juvenile Justice Project
- Authorities arrest native iguana chef
- N. I. C. E. consultations
- Taj Weekes addresses culture youth camp

  Sunrise 5:41am / Sunset 6:36pm
  Tide Castries High 12:07 pm Low 4:32pm
Tide Vieux Fort High 1:14pm Low 5:59pm
locally rough with waves 6 to 7 feet or 1.8 to 2.1 metres.small craft operators and sea bathers are advised to exercise caution
due to rough seas
Local weather
fair to partly cloudy skies with a few showers.         
Lesser Antilles
fair to partly cloudy skies with a few showers.

A tropical wave located several hundred miles east of the windward islands is moving westward near 23 mph or 37 km/h. this system is expected to begin affecting the southern windward islands by Thursday.

Another tropical wave located over the central Atlantic is moving westward near 17 mph or 28 km/h. Tropical cyclone formation is not expected over the tropical Atlantic during the next five days....




100 14kts
25 °C
33.2 C
7 miles

Partly Cloudy
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