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Friday, August 29, 2014 5:28 PM -last updated
School textbook frenzy

The availability of school text-books is proving to be a major headache for many parents. As the reopening of school quickly approaches, scores of parents are crowding book stores in the hopes of being able to tick everything off their lists.

Book-stores say while they understand the frustration of many parents, they are not to blame for the unavailability of some of the texts books.

The ministry they say sent out book lists rather late.

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Principals on school textbook challenge

Meanwhile the Principal of one of the top performing schools on the island says a contingency plan will be put in place at the institution, if availability of text books is still an issue by the reopening of school. He says as the availability and relevance of books becomes more of an issue, a switch from text books to tech books will become more of a necessity.

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Managing encounters with the mentally ill

Clinical Psychotherapist Dr Franklin Bray says there needs to be much more sensitization about the support systems in place for the homeless and individuals dealing with mental health issues. The Clinical Psychologist says such individuals cannot simply be shunned by society. He says...

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Police conclude Human Rights Training

The closing ceremony for a Human Rights Course for members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force was held Thursday. Throughout the week, officers received formal training in all aspects of human rights and the application of this newfound knowledge in daily operations.

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